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Pea Soup Glaciator Low Smoke Machine


Heavy fog without the need for dry ice or CO2 - all that's needed is power and fluid!

There’s no doubt about it! A stage covered with a blanket of white, dense low lying fog is a dramatic and classical theatrical effect. However, when touring the effect is all too often edited from productions because dry ice is too difficult to source, impossible to store and very messy to use, requiring gallons of boiling water to activate the fog effect. There is another problem as well - dry ice isn’t dry. Performers often have to contend with wet and slippery stages.

Pea Soup

The first generation of Heavy Fog Machines were introduced in 1990. These needed no dry ice, no boiling water and no bottles of CO2 or liquid nitrogen. Pea Soup’s Heavy Fog technology comprises of a very heavy-duty refrigeration plant, which chills the fog to approximately minus 10 degrees Celsius causing it to hug the floor, thereby simulating the popular dry-ice effect.
Pea Soup uses components which have been specially designed for Pea Soup by one of the world’s biggest and most reputable refrigeration specialists. The results are impressive - a massive continuous flow of heavy fog at the touch of a button. Its ease of use and cost effectiveness means that performers can now experience fog effects in rehearsals as well as the live performance environment.

Without question, the most desirable atmospheric effect is that of a lush carpet of ground-hugging fog. The trouble was Heavy Fog has always been seen as a luxury item affordable only by the largest production companies. The vast size and price of the machines, as well as their insatiable appetite for three phase mains has put them beyond the reach of Amateur Dramatic societies, smaller rental companies and discotheques.

Now it's time for a radical new approach to this classic effect: Pea Soup is proud to present the Glaciator - the cool solution to low fog effects that makes Heavy Fog available to the masses!

Plug and Fog Solution The Glaciator is a completely self-contained Heavy Fog Machine based on multi-element electronic refrigeration which chills the glycol based fog from a staggering 250 degrees to a shivering minus 10 degrees. There are no separate components needed to complete the process such as pressurized gas cylinders and low pressure Dewar Vessels. And there is no need for a separate fogger. That means no ice, no gas, no mess, no fuss. The Glaciator is revolutionary in its simplicity - just plug in and fog.

Recent major advancements in refrigeration technology have meant that Pea Soup is able to obtain more from less. In the past our heavy fog machines used a single giant, large surface area refrigeration element. Glaciator, by contrast, features a multi-element array of no less than 5 compact refrigeration coils, which cool the fog in gradual stages. Fog projection is then enhanced by a controllable internal fan. Any excessive moisture as a result of fog condensation or defrost is collected in a “pull out” drip tray.


  • No need for a separate Fog Generator - Glaciator is completely self contained!
  • No need for separate Gas Cylinders or Dewar Vessels
  • No need for big three phase power supply - Glaciator needs under 16A at 230V
  • Powerful 2500W integral fog generating plant
  • Integral Fan for extended fog projection
  • Electronic Low Fluid Sensing
  • On-board control panel featuring fog and fan level controls plus auto timer
  • Controllable from external DMX source
  • Optional two-way ducting system available

Pea Soup

Mechanical Specifications:

Technical Data:
Power Requirements:
200 - 250vac, 50/60hz, 20AT

This 3 digit LED user interface allows you full and user-friendly access to the different functionalities of the unit.

On-Board DMX
With onboard DMX you will have access to the machine from any DMX controller or desk.

This small yet crucial component is the last line of defense against catastrophic failure. Pea Soup's DTPD is made from a solid ceramic composite. This guarantees extremely precise overheat monitoring and is unaffected by ambient temperature changes.

Electronic Pump Ramping (EPR)
EPR is an intelligent means of warning of a drop in temperature which could result in 'wet smoke' (residue). The pumps respond to this signal by running slower and pumping less fluid, thus allowing the heaters to restore optimum operational temperature. This guarantees a continuous flow of smoke using highly efficient, lower wattage heaters.

Electronic Low Fluid Cut-off System
This technology is fitted to all machines designed for continuous operation. To eliminate the risk of running dry and burning out the pump, this unique electronic sensing system will automatically shut-off the machine, protecting all major components.

D-Tec Vaporizing System
This unique system produces a very high smoke output using a relatively low wattage heat source. The secret is its high alluvial mass and its twin, cuprous, oval helicoils. 3.5 metre helicoils and precision casting ensure maximum heat exchange between the efficient 1500-watt heater and the twin fluid carrying coils.

Fluid Container (9.5 litre)
All Pea Soup smoke, haze and heavy fog machines are designed to carry removable fluid containers of varying sizes depending on the model's application. The removable container makes for quicker refills and protects the machine from damage through spillage in transit.

Heat Exchangers (2500W)
All Pea Soup heat exchangers are designed for high efficiency performance. Only the purest grade LM24 aluminum is used in the production process which eliminates the risk of porosity (pockets of gas within the casting which can cause heater failure). All heat exchangers contain cuprous helicoils of at least 2.8 metres in length, ensuring a continuous flow of pure, dry, white smoke.

Editor's note:
The Pea Soup Glaciator allows you to create heavy fog without the need for any dry ice or CO2. All you need is electricity and smoke fluid!


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