Pea Soup Smoke machines
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Smoke Machine Accessories

Le Maitre
Pea Souper ducting adaptor  
Pea Souper ducting hose (3m)  
2" ducting adaptor (50mm)  
2" ducting hose - 3 metre  
4" ducting adaptor (100mm)  
4" ducting hose - 3 metre (also for F-100)  
5 metre remote lead  
15 metre remote lead  
5 metre linking lead  
15 metre linking lead  
G300 flying cradle  
G300 standard remote  
G300 DMX remote  
For Spirit 900, Colt and ViCount machines
75mm ducting adaptor  
75mm flexible ducting x 6 metres  
50mm ducting adaptor  
50mm flexible ducting x 10 metres  
25mm ducting adaptor  
25mm flexible ducting x 4 metres  
VBL 6 centrifugal fan  


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Pea Soup smoke / fog machines
Your warranty will be void if you use smoke fluid other than that recommended by the manufacturer of your smoke machine.