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This page shows a selection of smoke machines we supply.

Phantom Hazer - Unmatched in performance, efficiency and haze quality. Perfect for light and laser beam definition without creating a clumpy, foggy atmosphere.
The only hazer you'll ever need to buy!

Smoke Machines

a superb high quality hand portable smoke machine

Mini Rocket
400 watt 12v powered smoke machine - our highest output battery powered unit

Micro Rocket
a battery powered smoke machine ideal for props or small scale air flow or leak visualisation tests

Colt 4
portable smoke generator ideal for tests and training

continuously rated 100% high output quality smoke

Mini Mist Turbo
a popular portable smoke machine

Heavy Fog Effects
Pea Souper - the industry standard dry ice machine. For over 30 years still unbeaten for creating the classic low lying, heavy fog effect for weddings.
FreezeFog Pro - a hugely powerful and consistent dry ice effect using liquid CO2

Value Smoke Systems
800 watt fogger - our entry level smoke machine for those on a budget but who don't want to waste money on cheap 'party' foggers. Dense, continuous smoke output, fast 1.5 minute heat-up time and remote control included.

This page shows a selection of smoke machines we supply.
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Pea Soup smoke / fog machines
Your warranty will be void if you use smoke fluid other than that recommended by the manufacturer of your smoke machine.