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Spirit 900 Smoke Generator
(w/ internal reservoir)

Complete with remote control on 5 metre cable.
Concept Spirit 900 Smoke Generator

The Spirit 900 Smoke Generator is well suited to applications where continuous, high smoke output is required, since it utilises a modular peristaltic pump system rather than conventional, low cost piston pumps. Using an MOV protected solid state relay for heater switching at zero volts, and a plug in electronic module, the Spirit 900 does not compromise in the other key components used within the system.

Continuous smoke output

Precision machined heat exchanger,
guaranteed for life

2 litre internal reservoir

The pump draws Smoke Fluid A (persistent) or Smoke Fluid B (quickly dispersing) from its integral 2 litre reservoir (or an external reservoir if specified), forcing it into the unique precision machined heat exchanger, where it is vaporised. On exiting the heat exchanger, the vapour condenses to form dense, white, non toxic smoke , with an incredibly consistent, and small particle size of 0.2 - 0.3 micron mm.

The Spirit 900 was voted overall winner in Fire Professional magazine’s Back to Back 1999 smoke generator test, against 4 other leading brands. They concluded that:

“So the Spirit 900 wins”. The article goes on to describe the 900’s performance “overall, across the testing criteria, it scored heavily and consistently. It’s beautifully made, works well and from what we have seen here makes extremely efficient use of the fluid - a consumable that those of you who are acutely budget conscious will want to keep your eye on.”


  • Continuously rated
  • Can produce persistent (Fluid A) or quickly dispersing smoke (Fluid B) as required
  • Plug-in electronic module


  • Precision, machined heat exchanger, guaranteed for life!
  • Integral 2 litre reservoir, with sightglass
  • Solid state switching
  • Peristaltic pump

5 year warranty

Supplied complete with 5 metre remote control

Editor's note:
The Spirit 900 is very popular with theme parks due to its reliability, high output and quality performance, and also for leak and air-flow testing due to its continuous output.


  • Power consumption: 120V / 230V, 50/60Hz
  • Heat exchanger wattage: 2200 watts
  • Warm up time from cold: 5 mins
  • Duration of full fluid tank at maximum output: 40 mins
  • Smoke output: 0 - 420 m3/min @1.5m visibility
  • Particle size 0.2 - 0.3 micron, mass median diameter

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Height: 290mm (11.6in.)
  • Width: 230mm (9.2in.)
  • Length: 550mm (22in.)
  • Weight: 13.5kg (29.7lbs.)


Spirit 900 Smoke Generator
w/external pumping facility and 25 litre reservoir

Specifications same as above, except tank references.
Spirit 900 Smoke Fluid
TYPE A (quick dispersing) 
5 litre container
205 litre container
(*this item requires lifting equipment at the delivery location to be moved safely)
TYPE B (persistent)
5 litre container
205 litre container
(*this item requires lifting equipment at the delivery location to be moved safely)

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