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ViCount Compact Oil-based Smoke Generator

ViCount Compact oil based smoke generator

Extremely high temperature resistance
(to 180C)

Automatic purging operation,
maintenance free

Precision machined heat exchanger,
guaranteed for life!

Digital temperature control
& solid state switching

The ViCount is probably the most effective fire training smoke system available today.

Depending on the grade of smoke oil selected, the smoke produced by the ViCount can persist to 180 - 200C before layering commences, making the unit ideally suited to hot fire training applications.

However, even if training or smoke logging in unheated conditions, the smoke produced by the ViCount will out-perform all conventional water based alternatives, whilst dramatically reducing the consumption of smoke chemical. Typically, users of water based glycol smoke systems can experience reductions of 80 - 90% in smoke chemical consumption, for similar if not better smoke densities.

With no routine maintenance required on the ViCount, and a choice of heat exchanger capacities to suit fire training needs, it's no wonder fire training centres throughout the world have selected it as their primary smoke system.

Editor's Note:
The ViCount Compact machines are also ideally suited to leak and flow testing for large applications or special effects outdoors.

 General Specification (approx)  Compact 1300  Compact 5000
Size (mm)  410 x 180 x 370  410 x 180 x 540
Weight (kg)  12  17
Power Supply  230v, 50hz  230v, 50hz
Optional  110v, 50/60hz  110v, 50/60hz
Warm up time from cold (mins)  4  4
Particle Size (micron mmd)  0.2 - 0.3  0.2 - 0.3
Standard Variant (1.1kw)    
Heat Exchanger wattage (W)  1100  1100
Running time at maximum output (min)  40  145
Smoke output (m3/min @ 1.0m visibility)  0 - 150  0 - 150
Smoke oil consumption (ml/hr)  2000  2000
Hi-output Variant (2.2kw)    
Heat Exchanger wattage (W)  2200  2200
Running time at maximum output (min)  22  85
Smoke output (m3/min @ 1.0m visibility)  0 - 290  0 - 290
Smoke oil consumption (ml/hr)  3600  3600


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