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800w Continuous Output Smoke Machine

  • Continuous smoke output
  • Fast 100 second heat-up time
  • Remote control supplied
  • Optional timer remote control
  • Optional wireless remote control
  • Thick, white, non-toxic smoke

Dense, continuous smoke output, fast 1½ minute heat-up time and remote control included.

Our entry level unit, but still a superb compact smoke machine for those on a budget but who don't want to waste money on cheap 'party' foggers. It has an ultra-fast heat up time of approx. 1 minute 30 seconds, an on-board fog button built into the handle and a detachable remote control with magnetic base (included). Amazingly for the price, this unit offers continuous fog output for as long as you need it! No more dead-bands.

Easy operation and economical fluid use make it perfect for smaller applications, schools, training, theatrical groups, visitor attractions and venues. A full tank of fluid (0.8 litres) will give a total of 36 minutes of fog production.

Choose from our smoke fluid that produces a thick dense fog with a long hang time, or a fluid that creates quick dispersing fog that is thick and white but disappears within a minute or so - ideal for use on stage in small theatres or halls for special effects. This unit has also found use in small visitor attractions and museums to add special effects to tableaux.

- Power: 230V, 50Hz-60Hz
- Heater: 800W
- Output: 85m3/min. (3,000 cu.ft/min.)
- Initial heat-up time: 1.5 min.
- Tank capacity: 0.8 Litre
- Fluid consumption rate: 37 mins per 0.8 litre (full tank)
- Remote included (simple latching ON/OFF fog switch)
- Optional timer or wireless remote control also available
- Weight: 3.5 kg
- Dimensions (cm, L x W x H): 31.5 x 13 x 21

Remote Control (supplied)
- Cable Length: 7.62 metres (25 ft.)
- Connector: 6.4mm Stereo jack
- Function: Latching Fog Switch (ON/OFF)

Timer remote
The optional timer remote (above) gives timed control of output, allowing adjustments of interval between fog and duration of fog output of 10 seconds to 4 minutes.


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Pea Soup smoke / fog machines
Your warranty will be void if you use smoke fluid other than that recommended by the manufacturer of your smoke machine.